Intagram’s Hyperlapse App Brings Timelapse to the Masses

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Intagram’s recently introduced there appropriately named new app Hyperlapse, which is already making a lot of noise for it’s incredibly simple and powerful ability to create time-lapse photography. Editing and producing time-lapse sequences can be a fairly involved process that now can be achieved at the click of a button on your smart devices.

The most impressive feature of Hyperlapse is the powerful stabilization allowing users to shoot a handheld time-lapse. More importantly the powerful stabilization opened the door to moving the positioning of the camera drastically to achieve a once advanced and quite tedious time-lapse technique called “hyperlapse,” hence the app name. For those not familiar with hyperlapse, photographers cleverly pushed the limits of motion control by leaving the constraints of a dolly by incrementally changing the positioning of a camera’s tripod to add some really dramatic movement to time-lapse sequence. One video piece that sent hyperlapse viral accrossed the internet was the incredible piece shot and edited by Selina Miles featuring the work of Melbourne graffiti artist, Sofles.

Download Hyperlapse for iOS here


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