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The Best Cloud Backup For Photography

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I dragged my feet for years at setting up a cloud backup system to protect my images. Before moving to a cloud system I backed up my files locally using an external hard drive backup system, which every drive would eventually become full and I would have to move on to a new drive. But the real issue is what …

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L-Bracket for Canon 5D Mark III

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More than any piece of equipment I use, I am frequently asked about my Kirk Enterprises L-Bracket for my Canon 5D Mark III. L-Brackets are a right angled plate that attaches to your camera body allowing you to easily switch between landscape to portrait orientation with the addition of a vertical quick release plate. Without a L-bracket I often struggled …

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Intagram’s Hyperlapse App Brings Timelapse to the Masses

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Intagram’s recently introduced there appropriately named new app¬†Hyperlapse, which is already making a lot of noise for it’s incredibly simple and powerful ability to create time-lapse photography. Editing and producing time-lapse sequences can be a fairly involved process that now can be achieved at the click of a button on your smart devices. The most impressive feature of Hyperlapse is …

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Flying With Photography Equipment Just Got More Complicated

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As everyone knows air travel has drastically changed over the last decade especially in the United States due to continually increased security measures. Well things are going to get even more complicated, especially if you travel with a lot of electronic gear. Last week the Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, announced more intense screening procedures for direct flights traveling …