The Best Cloud Backup For Photography

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I dragged my feet for years at setting up a cloud backup system to protect my images. Before moving to a cloud system I backed up my files locally using an external hard drive backup system, which every drive would eventually become full and I would have to move on to a new drive. But the real issue is what every computer geek will tell you, every hard drives is a dying hard drive. Whether it be one week or years later, eventually you will experience drive failures. It is not a matter of if, but when.

It can be devastating to lose any photographs, but especially if that is how you are making your living. But fortunately there are dozens of online backup services available ensuring an extra layer of protection to your images and important files.

After spending some time reading comparisons of the different online backup services available I decided to go with Crashplan after reading numerous glowing reviews. The main features of Crashplan that make it stand out among other providers to me is the security, unlimited storage, free local backup, speed, and a reputation for great customer service.

After a few months with Crashplan I couldn’t be happier. I have found the services to be extremely easy to set up and get your cloud back system in place in a matter of minutes. The first thing I did notice though was how long it was going to take to upload my TB’s of archived photos, but this is going to be an issue with the for all cloud based services. Crashplan however actually ranks as one of the fastest cloud based backup services in performance and bandwidth tests and after I completed the initial backup the backup process is automated and practically unnoticeable.

Regardless of what service you choose, all photographers ametur and professional alike should be using a cloud based backup service to protect your images and files. If you are interested in trying Crashplan, check out their 30 Day Free Trial