I am Mark Scott, a travel and destination photographer based in Denver Colorado specializing in portraiture and landscape photography.

My true passion in life is travel. Although my photography has received awards and has been showcased in galleries since my teens, it wasn’t until I began to travel overseas that I became truly addicted to photography. In the last decade I have traveled over a quarter million miles in attempt to document the fleeting traditions of the unique cultures of our world. In such a rapidly changing world I hope to experience first-hand the remaining ties to our past and gain a better understanding of the complexities of who we are as a global society. Although still barely scratching the surface in doing so, it is my goal to continue to reach further into the remote corners of the world and immerse myself deeper into the cultures of the subjects I work with. No matter the project, I am always striving to ensure a respectful and honest portrayal within my images and hope that with these experiences I can give more than I take away.

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